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Into Food From All Over the World

Visit our international food market in Lowell, MA

Tired of the slim pickings you find in the international aisle of your old grocery store? Spice things up by coming to Foodland International. We get fresh ingredients from every corner of the globe. Our international food market carries plenty of fresh produce and savory cuts of meat. You can make all kinds of Indian and African dishes with ingredients from our market.

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Stock Up on Your International Favs

Turn to Foodland International for fresh ingredients and halal meat

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What can you find at our market?

Our specialty food market features a bit of everything. You don't have to go all over town looking for that unique spice or sauce you love. You'll find everything you need among our aisles.

We are your go-to:

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Why should you shop at Foodland International?

Our family-owned and -operated food market is committed to providing easy grocery shopping for people from all cultures. We have over a decade of experience in the grocery industry. People love coming to our market for fresh produce and delicious spices. We're also a great place to find certified halal meat.

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